“If it isn’t measured, it won’t improve”

Hispatec’s in-plant productivity control system allows highly accurate data to be obtained in real time.

During the last edition of Infoagro Exhibition, the company from Almeria presented some of its latest developments. The most outstanding of these is the in-plant productivity control system. The company’s chairman, José Luis Molina, explained to Fruit Today that with this tool maximum accuracy is obtained in the control of preparation operations in the warehouses, which is particularly interesting in the case of produce with high unitary added value such as berries, tropical fruits or cherry tomatoes. “The scales weigh in real time, with high accuracy, therefore money loss is avoided both when weighing less (because it would be rejected at the destination), and when weighing more.” Another of its characteristics is the possibility of measuring the productivity and effectiveness of employees, through a personal identification card that monitors their activity. All this information, integrated and in real time, can be used to complete the traceability of a company from an informational, economic and logistical point of view, through the comprehensive management solution ERPAgro. “We make it easier for these three flows to run simultaneously, from the moment of sowing until the produce reaches its destination, to ensure that our fruit and vegetable growing sector continues to lead the world.” It is worth remembering that it was thanks to Hispatec’s technology that it was proved that Spanish cucumbers had not been the cause of the European food alert.

The sector is making more and more efforts to become technologically-inclined and to move forward and on this point, companies such as Hispatec mean a great boost because “if it isn’t measured, it won’t improve”, Molina guarantees. In the fields, they have developed the application Campogest, aimed at agricultural technicians. This app allows agricultural technicians to monitor the activity of the farmers (including geolocation) and to create recommendations for treatments and fertilising plans in real time. In this way, the management of farms and crops can be carried out from devices that we normally carry with us, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

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