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Important new developments at Bayer


Alongside the Galias Albizu and Galvir, Seminis is launching the yellow melon Rochester, the orange-fleshed cantaloupe Sugar Moon and a new Orange Candy

 With the spring campaign about to begin, Bayer is bringing out its entire ‘arsenal’, which this year is being reinforced with three new introductions in different melon categories.

The first new development is Rochester (SVMA 6732), a yellow melon that complements Chester for medium-late cycle under glass in Almeria. It has the same internal and post-harvest quality characteristics as its predecessor – the market leader in Almeria, but with a smaller size (around 1.5 kg) that adapts to the medium-late plantations.

For open air in Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha there are two new varieties. Sugar Moon (SVMC 7629), an orange-fleshed cantaloupe recommended for late cycle in Murcia and La Mancha. This is the company’s first material with resistance to the 3.5 strain of powdery mildew, aphids and intermediate resistance to CYSDV, therefore it is perfectly suitable for ecological growing. Jose Guirado, Melon Development Manager, emphasises that it is highly productive and hardy and therefore, easy for producers to handle. Its fruits are uniform in size (around 1 kg) and shape, with good internal quality, endurance in the fields and post-harvest.

The third new material to reach the market is a new Orange Candy: SVMA6558, which completes the line. Recommended for open air growing in Murcia and La Mancha, as well as under glass in Almeria, it brings resistance to 3.5 of powdery mildew and aphids, a bonus with respect to the other Orange Candy materials, since this makes it suitable for ecological production. Its agronomic handling is easier, as added to all the above, it has greater endurance in the fields and a longer shelf life.

Parallel to this, Bayer continues to promote the Cyro Line, Albizu and Galvir, launched last year and with important sales prospects. “The future of the Galia lies in the productive varieties, with flavour and a long shelf life that make the work easier for farmers and distributors and give consumers what they are looking for.” And both Albizu and Galvir combine all of these aspects, as well as bringing a complete pack of resistances.


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