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CASI is consolidating its commitment until September


The cooperative is starting its watermelon and melon campaign, which for the third year running will be extended to the beginning of autumn

CASI, the company from Almeria is extending its offer capacity, aimed at responding to its clients throughout the entire season and in turn, to ensure that its farmer members can provide continuity in their work, as there are more and more farmers who are joining watermelon production. The surface area of this crop has been increasing in the cooperative in recent years and it now represents 370 hectares, which means approximately 30 million kilos for this year. Likewise, CASI has 14 ha of its ‘Miel de CASI’, the melon that it has been committed to from the word go and the fact is that its extra-sweet flavour continues to win over new followers.

The cooperative is starting a campaign marked out by the healthcare crisis, although as could be seen last year, ‘Casi’s Queen’ is a fruit that is appreciated by its clients, which are on the rise thanks to the prestige that it has gained for its good practices, according to sources from the company.

The company, the European leader in tomatoes, is increasing its market share due to hard work and a coordinated effort to guarantee fruit with great quality and flavour, supervised by specialists and the experience of a cooperative of these characteristics. From the Technical Department, they advise their members in the choice of varieties, different aspects of the development of the crop and aid the work of the specialised cutters, who supervise each farm to set the exact day for the fruit to be cut, at its perfect point of ripeness and, therefore, obtain the best flavour.

CASI also offers its smaller-sized Princess watermelon, aimed at the needs of today’s consumers, who want smaller fruit that are easier to transport. A good option due to its unbeatable flavour that also responds to online consumers, who are increasingly present, aiding direct purchase on

Jesús Torres, Manager of CASI, affirms: “at our cooperative we are committed to our summer fruits, which are increasing both in kilos and in surface area, managing to extend CASI’s activity through the summer months. We have some exceptional varieties that our clients are valuing more every day.”

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