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Kaki Fresh Nature is seeking out new horizons

With production in Valencia and in Huelva, the company is venturing forth with proposals outside Europe that will provide it with a longer supply cycle.

The Kaki Fresh Nature project, created two years ago by the company from Murcia Frutas Esther and the Dutch firm Hillfresh International is marketing around 10 million kilos of the Rojo Brillante variety, prepared using the highest standards in the town of Abarán, the Spanish company’s operating centre.

The different production locations, both in the Valencian Community and in the Andalusian province of Huelva, ensure a harvest that can start at the beginning of September and end in February, with recently harvested produce.

Regarding the behaviour of the campaign, the company’s sales manager, Kees den Heuvel states that “the medium-small sized fruit harvested in the current season have had a great commercial success abroad, where this is preferred compared to excessively large fruit.”

On this point, he explains that “Central European countries (Germany, France, Belgium and Holland) and Scandinavian countries have maintained a regular demand rate and the general valuation of the campaign is satisfactory.”

The company is studying production proposals outside Europe that could materialise in future campaigns and they would mean more months of offer.

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