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On the supermarket shelves, all year long

Fruits de Ponent, currently celebrating its 25 anniversary, has become a company that will no longer be recognised just for its stone fruit.

In fact, the company has been working on this qualitative leap over the past few years and today the Catalonian organisation is present on the supermarket shelves 365 days a year. In the stone fruit season, it appears as the European leader, and during the autumn-winter, it markets another range of produce including persimmons, kiwis and pomegranates. All of this without forgetting its olive oil, with the brand name of L’Or de Ponent under the D.O. of Les Garrigues. In order to do this, Fruits de Ponent has reached agreements with cooperation partners in different regions all over Spain.

Over these twenty-five years, the company from Lerida has become a worldwide reference and its challenge follows the idea to “continue at the forefront, facing up to technological and digital innovation, environmental sustainability and social responsibility,” sources from the cooperative explain. All of this, without forgetting the different R&D+i projects, which it is performing with different research centres and universities.

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