Apple sorting technology by Unisorting

This new technology, in addition to selecting classic parameters such as calibre, colour and shape, also incorporates a separation for the internal flaws of the fruit, such as damage to the flesh, consistency or Brix degrees, as well as skin damage caused by hail, bumps or diseases such as scale, etc.

Angelo Benedetti, chairman of the Unitec Group, the company that controls 100% of the recently established Unisorting, explained that “our technology is aimed at promoting our clients’ business towards the future, as we have been doing for over 100 years with around 40 fruit and vegetable growing products.”

Luca Benedetti, chairman of Unisorting adds, “We have designed a specific software for every apple variety, to be able to respond to any requirement. The system is very complete and it covers all the processing phases.”

This new fruit processing method involves a considerable waste reduction and allows fruit operators to seek out new market strategies, more in line with consumers’ requirements.

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