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Kiku, or the search for new concepts

The company’s main hallmark has been linked to cutting edge developments for the past twenty-five years.

To the consolidated success of its star apple, which gives its name to the club and which today is reaching productions all over the world, from Europe to the United States, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa, other new consumer developments are being added, such as the small Isaaq, which is enjoying very favourable results.

This line of “snack” apples is giving value to smaller sized fruit, eliminating the mistaken concept of being second category produce. “The trials carried out in German supermarkets have been highly convincing, particularly because they have managed to attract the youngest target group,” Jürgen Braun, manager of Kiku explains.

Two years ago, the company launched a series of red-fleshed apples onto the market with which it intended to captivate the consumer’s imagination under the umbrella brand, Red Moon. These varieties have a high vitamin C content and they are ideal for juices and cooking, as they do not go brown and they maintain their red colour.

The Red Moon logotype is associated with the Surprise Inside section, since at first glance this variety does not look any different to others. “Therefore, we want to stress that the surprise will be discovered when the fruit is opened and the red flesh can be seen.”

Swing also belongs to the Italian-French group Red Moon, the plant material of which has been created under the name of Swing Xeleven by the Viveristas Braun and the French company, Viveros Escande.

Swing’s high tolerance to pests means very few chemical protectors are required, and it turns it into the central product used for the slogan “Natural More”. The harvests of Swing and Fuji coincide; it is very suitable for storing and it has a long shelf life.

Another of the company’s greatest successes has been the Crimson Snow variety, with maximum results and a late harvest. With over 500 hectares and cooperating partners of the first order in Italy (F. lliClementi, Rivoira, Sanifrutta and Bio Meran), Switzerland ( Iseppi Frutta) and Serbia ( Verda Vivo/Agrounija), the group intends to continue expanding in the future.

“For us, the search for producers and marketers who share our company’s philosophy is essential, where respect for the environment and sustainability become fundamental components. All of this without undermining the fact that our apples must have flavour and consistency,” Braun states.

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