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“Smartfresh, the recipe for success”

Smartfresh technology applied to apples has become an essential tool in handling the quality of the fruit during the post-harvest period.

Ana Durán, in charge of Northern Spain for AgroFresh, the company that markets the Smartfresh product, explains that “for apples, working with Smartfresh is the recipe for success”.

For produce that is conserved in cold storage for many months, such as apples, the use of Smartfresh is essential because “it maintains the quality the fruit has on entry and it prevents blanching, the most classic damage caused by the cold. The fruit can stand up to its life span (preparation, marketing and end consumer) with complete confidence,” the executive explains.

In addition, Smartfresh provides a series of secondary benefits depending on the varieties. Examples of this are the Gala varieties, with which it ensures that the apples do not become floury.

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