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Pink Lady joins hearts

Amongst the different promotional campaigns carried out by Pink Lady apples throughout the year, the St. Valentine’s Day one stands out due to its intensity.

For this occasion, the gift chosen is closely linked to the Mediterranean diet, a symbol of health. The pink apple will run a raffle with the prize of a cruise along the Mediterranean coast, stopping in cities in Italy, France and Spain.

How to participate: Consumers must keep the receipt from one of the Eroski or Caprabo stores and then resolve a simple puzzle of 4 pairs that are hidden under the cards that can be found on the website

This game must be resolved between the 13th of January and the 15th of February. The list of winners will be released on the 16th of February.

In addition, this year Pink Lady® also wants to reward the bloggers by raffling another gastronomic break to a National Parador Hotel amongst those who write about this promotion on their blogs. To participate, just send the link to the post where this communication is mentioned to The winner of this second prize category will be given out on the 16th of February to be able to enjoy the post-St. Valentine’s Day gift from Pink Lady®.

PINKIDS®. At Pink Lady they are also thinking about the youngest members of the family, and, for this reason, Pink Lady® apples have joined up with Fox to propose a fruity break for youngsters, in the company of their favourite heroes.

With the release of the DVD of the famous Ice Age saga, Collision Course, PinKids®, the small gourmet apple has launched a range of packages for the event (4, 6, 8 pieces of fruit) covered with the colours of the characters from the film, with exclusive stickers on each apple.

Throughout the entire month of December, this launch was accompanied by a game-competition with consumers and a digital communication campaign.

Since its launch in 2011, the small PinKids® apple continues growing in terms of volume (over the past 3 seasons its sales have quadrupled) and it has been positioned as a very dynamic brand on the children’s market.

Created due the Pink Lady’s® producers wish to respond to children, who often find it difficult to finish a regular sized apple, the PinKids® apple corresponds to the same quality requirements as its big sister and it also contributes to the overall valuation of the production.

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