KPE is strengthening its ‘eco’ offer


This year it will increase the surface area for bio brassicas by 20%.

Kettle Produce Spain (KPE) is continuing its commitment to ecological production of brassicas and this year it will add another 20% of surface area compared to last year, while maintaining the figures for conventional crops with 12,000 t forecasted for 2020/21.

Other lines where it is growing are cauliflower and pointed cabbage, of which it forecasts marketing 14 million heads. Its catalogue is completed with other brassicas such as kale, Savoy cabbage or romanesco broccoli.

KPE remains true to its line of work, based on programmes. “Our philosophy doesn’t include speculating with free plantations. Whenever we take a chance on un-programmed plantations, distortions can be caused on the markets at specific moments, but we cannot forget that we are talking about productions with relatively short cycles, which can encourage or discourage farmers very quickly, as well as the fact that nowadays the productions are increasingly more professional,” Sales Manager Juan Manuel Ruiz Soler comments.

2020 has been a complicated year, not only due to the pandemic, but also due to Brexit, KPE is remaining calm. A feeling that comes from the awareness of having done their homework. “We have been getting ready for some time now and, in principle, we have everything organised and planned to face up to the new situation. Obviously having a partner in situ (the English subsidiary), helps us to understand firsthand how the entire activity will be implemented, as well as having access to information which otherwise would take time to reach us.”


KPE continues innovating in products and formats, and currently it is concentrating on developing a line of bags of unwashed florettes, with different product mixtures in terms of the purchasers’ requirements. On a commercial level, they are trying to diversify their client portfolio, seeking out market niches that adapt to their philosophy and working methods.

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