Maf Roda presents its cherry blemish analysis system

maf roda

The latest advances by Maf Roda allow an exhaustive analysis of blemishes on cherries to be carried out and it has become one of the most cutting-edge technologies in the world to increase productivity in preparation plants

The Cherryway 4 and Cherryscan technologies allow an analysis of blemishes all over the surface of the fruit. The work with cherries has added difficulties due to the delicacy of the fruit and their long stems. These two problems have been completely resolved with the Maf Roda lines.

The important technical improvements in Cherryway 4 are included in the new patented 4-movement rotation system. The biconic system allows the movements needed to scan the surface of the entire fruit, keeping the stem intact. This rotation is made totally automatically without the need for any mechanical adjustments.

The other significant improvements to Cherryway 4 lie in the reduction of impacts along the line, which maintains the quality of the fruit and the new feeding sheds that minimise the entry of double fruits and reduces fruit backflow. The transfers are now much gentler. There are points on the line where the impact height has been reduced by up to 85 mm.

Cherryscan also offers important new developments that improve the yield and accuracy of the preparation line. With an interface that has been simplified and is easier to use, the external analysis system by Maf Roda has improved its accuracy in the discarding of blemished fruit compared to its previous version, thanks to a clearer view of the cherries. The new system avoids the interference of stalks on the image and has an improved monitoring of stems.

One of the most important international cherry producers that has placed its trust in Maf Roda for the installation of its new cherry line is Boluvero. The company’s General Manager, Andrés Boluda remarks: “We have seen how the quality system of the calibrator is very highly effective. Thanks to the parameterisation level, the control of the types of fruit blemishes and qualities is more accurate.”


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