“Peppers haven’t peaked yet; the market is demanding more”

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Rijk Zwaan is extending its range and offers a safety bonus to producers with Lt Defense

The pepper production window continues to grow, extending from the beginning of the campaign, and to do this varieties are needed that can give early production, with good setting, but maintaining a long production cycle, with quality fruit and no wastage. In this context, quality is even more important, if possible. José Luis Ruipérez, a specialist in the pepper crop at Rijk Zwaan, confirms this trend and recalls that “peppers haven’t peaked yet; the market is demanding more.” In different production areas, all year long production, with an emphasis on the increase in ecological surface area and profit guarantee, with “optimum” prices, strengthen the farmers’ commitment.

During this campaign, Ruipérez affirms that “we are detecting very early plantations in April. January was very tough and the late plantations have had very low production. A large part of the reason for the high prices is due to this.” In the light of this, he foresees that in the next campaign “the extra-late crop won’t increase excessively. If the spring continues with good prices, the early-medium cycle will be a guarantee of production and profit.”

One of the advantages of peppers lies in the labour force, more stable and allocated over time, as well as greater profitability compared to tomatoes. A situation that has derived in the commitment to plantations of California and Sweet Palermo, favoured by the better water quality in the region in Eastern Almeria.

In a year with a particularly high incidence of powdery mildew, the Lt Defense varieties from Rijk Zwaan mean a guarantee of protection for farmers with conventional crops, who are finding help on the subject of crop health in these varieties, obtaining greater quality and a production that is equal or greater than with other materials. Options such as Claqué RZ for early cycle (transplanting from April to the beginning of July); Percusión RZ (end of June to mid-July) and Arabesca RZ (for long cycle, from the 10th of July to the beginning of August) which link up with Acústico RZ, provide a complete programme with resistance to powdery mildew.

In yellow California they have Rítmico RZ, focused on Western Almeria, with a very open plant, very good quality and colour. And Charanga RZ (35-BY1143) is particularly suitable for the Eastern region and eco crops, where the crop conditions differ compared to Western area.

In the spicy pepper range, Rijk Zwaan is extending its offer with Avital RZ and Chiracha RZ, which maintain capsaicin levels in the winter and provide a complete pack of resistances (TM:0-3, TSW:0, N, LT).

Another important new development is the launch of the mini type with Yellow Zuppa and 35-MR1274 RZ (red), both with resistance to TM:0-3. These will be followed by an orange variety, currently under development.

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