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“Mercabarna is breathing optimism”

The constant increase in foreign buyers and the security held by the dealers regarding their stands are both allowing Mercabarna to ride high at the moment.

In order to serve this important influx of foreigners, the company Diego Martínez, one of the most active ones in the import-export business, employs 33 salesmen of many different nationalities: Chinese, Bulgarians, Rumanians, Moroccans, French, Italians, etc.

“It is important for us to have someone who can talk the same language as the buyer, who knows about his idiosyncrasies because there may be important differences in preference from one country to another,” Diego Martínez, manager of the eponymous company explains.

The purchase volume by the foreign communities is growing every day, particularly by the most common ones on this market, the Chinese, Moroccan and Pakistani and, what is more significant, their quality level equals the demands by Spanish fruit sellers.

“The market is very changeable and we must adapt ourselves to the new realities. This year, in deference to the Arab community, when Ramadan ended, we held a party for our buyers. We must adapt ourselves to this multiculturalism.”

Moreover, the businessman states that the negative image historically held of the traditional fruit seller has been overcome because he has become a responsible professional, who can give good service and maintain structures to make any transaction feasible, that is to say, he has become another professional within the chain.

The company, one of the firms holding most stands, with 15, continues growing both in corridor sales and in exports and imports. “This year there is a certain shortage of oranges and we are importing them from Greece, Turkey and South Africa. We are assiduously purchasing grapes from Chile, lemons from Argentina, but we are also, as always, very active in the export area.”

“This is one of the markets, possibly along with Paris, where you can find produce from anywhere in the world and where, moreover, less-than-container loads can be made to anywhere because the logistics service is very flexible.”

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