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Mitigation of Chilling Injury and other rind disorders

Citrosol release new test results that demonstrate the reduction and, in some cases, even the eradication of these physiological disorders.

In Citrosol’s latest trials the rind disorders caused by being stored at the bottom of the crate have been reproduced deliberately with the intention of observing how increasing the dose of Fortisol® Ca reduces this type of marking. Specifically, doses of between 0.8% and 1.2% reduce its appearance significantly and in some cases this disorder can even be controlled completely. Additionally, recent studies by the Post-harvesting and Refrigerating Group at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena have confirmed that Fortisol® Ca reduces disorders caused by Chilling Injury as well as Adustiosis in lemons.

The refrigeration of post-harvest citrus fruit is essential to maintain quality during storage and transport, as well as for low temperature quarantine treatments which are obligatory when exporting to certain countries.

At times refrigeration will result in a Chilling Injury to the fruit, seen as depressions of varying depth in the peel, particularly in varieties which are more susceptible to low temperature damage or those batches which are more sensitive to or predisposed to suffering rind disorders.

Adustiosis is a change seen in lemons in storage where a reddish discoloration develops in the rind and is accentuated in fruit which has been harvested before it is ripe or during cold weather.

In tests carried out on lemons by the Post-Harvest and Refrigeration Group at the Universidad Polétecnica de Cartagena it was shown that Fortisol® Ca and Fortisol® Ca Plus reduced Chilling Injury by 55-70% and Adustiosis by 40-50%.

A bottom of the crate rind disorder, until now often confused with “Pixat”, appears sporadically on fruit treated in drenchers and then only in some batches. It has been calculated that it affects no more than 5% of the produce, but due to the nature in which it evolves it can result in significant economic losses.


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