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New initiatives by Provedo

The Provedo company has 116 protected varieties on the market, including plums, Pavia peaches, peaches, nectarines, Saturn peaches and platerinas®.
Under the Extreme line, there is a new catalogue this year called Extreme®+ with a new generation of varieties, all featuring Extreme® taste, which add even more to the agronomic and gustatory perfection found in the fruit. A renewal of the Extreme® generation with 23 new varieties, including peach, nectarine, Saturn peach and platerina®.
Extreme®+ includes two new platerinas® with excellent pistil closing and high productivity: platerina® 647, with white flesh that matures around June 20, and platerina® 741, with yellow flesh that matures around August 27.
We should not forget the initial Extreme® catalogue, which features 64 well-established varieties.
In the plum category and within the Ebony® line, there are two types of varieties: one with intense taste, Ebony® 122, which is a cross between plum and apricot, and Ebony® 61, which is characterised as a fruit with high gustatory quality, being very sweet with little acidity. On the other, it is worth highlighting the line with high productivity and long post-harvest life: Ebonys® 51, 55, and 114; which combine large size, high productivity and a very long storage life. These are also very economic plants due to their minimum production costs.
In relation to Pavia peaches, it is especially worth highlighting the Argos® variety, which has produced a peach with great climatic elasticity, which adapts to warm areas, and an early fruit with large size and long post-harvest life.
In the case of late Pavia peaches, there are three varieties: Ebro®, Duero® and Tiétar®, all of which have characteristics very similar to Calanda peaches.
The company has more than 80 years of experience in the sector and has always been committed to research. It currently has five work centres in Spain: (Castile-La Mancha, Extremadura, Lerida, Murcia and La Rioja), and one in Turkey. It has recently undergone expansion into foreign markets, centred on countries such as Chile, South Africa, France, Italy, Portugal or Morocco.

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