New premises

El Monarca now has its own headquarters, where it has incorporated the handling processes

Last February, Frutas y Verduras El Monarca changed its headquarters to move to its own premises, where it is starting out on a new phase, resizing the space to adapt to the needs imposed by its continuous growth and adding the handling process directly to its line of work.

The company from Murcia closed the last campaign with 13 million kilos of piel de sapo melons and 4 million kilos of yellow melons, and this year it expects, at least, to maintain the same production level; a task that is complicated for the entire sector due to the lack of water. “Our number of customers is growing, but at the moment we are maintaining the surface area at 500 hectares because there is not enough water.” To face up to this problem, the company has implemented a system that optimises water management and that is based on precision sensors that control parameters such as the moisture in the soil. In this way, they can find out exactly the specific requirements of the crop and, therefore, programme the irrigation, preventing water wastage. The company’s Quality Assurance Manager, Charo Conesa, adds that they keep the phenological cycle in mind when deciding when and how to water the crops. This is the only way to meet the programmes promptly, supplying their customers from May to October. And the fact is that, as Conesa indicates: “We are not only marketers. We are producers with our own brand and quality.”

The campaign starts in Murcia, with the first melons under glass and it then moves on to the open air fields in the following months and finally, to Castilla-La Mancha. This year, alongside the traditional varieties there will be other, new ones that must have their adaptation studied. “We are very conscious of all the elements that arise, and when deciding on a new material, the main criterion is always the flavour. The Brix are important: we don’t select anything below 12-13 degrees, but this is not enough. They must be tasty, good to eat…”

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