Nufri: national apples with their own names

The company Nufri has launched an emotional marketing campaign where its apple brands will be labelled with the most common first names.
Over 8 million labels with the Livinda and Delissium brand will have their own names, as a clear allusion to the fact that this fruit is not imported.
It is an eye-catching way to assert that national apples should have their space on supermarket shelves.
Recent data from a study in the sector about the presence of national apples compared to imported ones on Spanish supermarket shelves, indicates that one of every two apples is imported, both from Italy and France.
This is the first time in our country that an apple grower has carried out a campaign of these characteristics. Therefore, over the next two months, all the apples from their Livinda and Delissium brands will include on the label one of the 200 most common names in our country, to show and assert their origin, their quality and flavour. Now, Carlos, María, Juan, Carmen, Patxi, Jordi…
For Nufri’s production and sales manager, Ignasi Argilés, “in Spain we lack interest about looking at where the produce we eat comes from,  a fact that is very normal in consumers from our neighbouring countries. The quality, texture and flavour of our apples are completely unbeatable, but consumers do not know that they are Spanish, produced with great effort and passion in our orchards”.
“As we know that people do not always read the labels we decided for two months to christen over 8 million apples with our consumers’ names”, the executive explains.
In addition to this unique way of identifying the fruit, consumers can participate in a competition where the prize will be “a journey to the heart of the apples”. Thus the winners will be able to visit the orchards of Lerida and Soria where Livinda and Delissium apples are grown. “We believe that it is important for people to know what is behind a product and the best way to do this is to show them how it is produced, but we also hope to win their hearts”, Argilés adds.
This campaign started off at the beginning of May with a visit by the press and bloggers to the plantation in Soria, La Rasa, coinciding with the start of flowering. For two days, the guests got to know the La Rasa plantation in Soria, which with over 620 hectares of crop is the largest European apple plantation.

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