Over 1 million kilos every day

With a daily volume of over one million kilos marketed, Diego Martínez is one of the companies with the most important export tradition in Mercabarna

This business line represents 92% of the company’s invoicing. “All our produce is strongly focused on export. Our salesmen think in terms of exports and our work responds to this type of demand, where we are highly specialised in a wide range of products,” Diego Martínez, general manager of the Group of the same name explains.

One of the star products of this summer has been the ‘melona’ long watermelon, with a weight ranging between 15 and 20 kilos. In the first phase of the Moroccan campaign alone, the company marketed around 12 million kilos. “We maintain a good watermelon programme that is exported, particularly to France and Belgium for the Arab communities”.

Although with a clear historical link to foreign trade, the company is also one of the most active and important ones in the food unit of Mercabarna, where it has 15 stands in halls B and F.

In corridor activity, as well as traditional purchasing, which today is represented by different ethnic communities (Chinese, Moroccans, Pakistanis, etc.), they also attend to foreign sales for any type of customers. For this reason, the company has two warehouses in the ZAC covering 7,000 square metres.

“The boom in export is an extra value showing the professional nature of the wholesalers in this market. Mercabarna brings together all the requirements to be able to purchase any produce in the world, along with the possibility of exporting it anywhere in the world. This is a success story for all of us, including the actual management of Mercabarna itself, the executive states.”

The group forms a dynamic company, focused on new concepts for expansion and business. To do this, it has a team of professionals, in charge of discovering new markets and commercial requirements at all times.

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