“There are fewer and fewer Spanish buyers”

The new local trading models that have arisen in Catalonia and all over Spain, where the fruit and vegetable stores and local shops are in the hands of foreign communities (Chinese, Pakistanis, Moroccans), have changed the profile of corridor sales’ buyers at Mercabarna. This fact is particularly noticeable in the sales on Fridays, since these foreign communities keep their stores open throughout the weekend.

“Every day and every year, the sales for the foreign establishments grow and on the other hand, Spaniards have been reducing as customers”. The person talking is Carles Hernández, a salesman from the company FruitsRàfols.

FruitsRàfols is a family-run company, established in the heart of production and that ventured forth into the marketing world in 1984 in Mercabarna. “We are not specialised in any type of produce. Our customers can ask us for anything, therefore we try to offer the widest range we can, from local to exotic produce that is flown in.”

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