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“Brands are becoming more fashionable every day”

Brands are on the up. They know this very well at the company Naranja Torres.

“Not even in times of crisis, where own brands and the price of the produce were more important, did we stop believing in what has always been our philosophy: the brand, as a guarantee of quality and service,” Maria José Sala, manager of the company at Mercabarna explains.

Citrus fruits, the company’s most classic produce and the one with which the company started out on its professional career are brought together under the protection of the Torres brand. Today, the brand has grown and it has extended to other lines such as nectarines, high mountain cherries and even vegetables such as iceberg lettuces. The company is also a panellist for other quality brands such as Fashion, Del Monte, Livinda, Gabaceras, Edenia pears and Monte Rosa.

At the beginning of the year, Torres took on an ambitious refurbishment of its stands, to which a new one was added, allowing an extensive, open-plan working space to be set up.

Torres’ sales team is made up of 16 people. And therefore, Sala explains that “the strength of the team makes companies great”.


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