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Regalyou cov finds its place

After the agreement signed with the French export company, Blue Whaley,and more recently, with the Italian giant, Apofruit, the Regalyouapple will start to appear on the supermarket shelves in both countries.

In the short term, between both operators, a production that will cover around 100 hectares of crops is expected, to be ready in the near future to reach the end consumers.

Regalyou cov is integrated in the REGAL’IN™ concept, which the French company already has on the market for stone fruit, but now this has become its top apple.

Agronomically speaking, the variety has natural resistance to spotting and the fruit is highly attractive due to its rounded shape, as well as having a skin that has great resistance to any possible flaws.

The studies carried out using consumer panels have seen that it is an apple with an exceptional flavour, which is very juicy and has a very crunchy bite.

The harvest starts at the end of September and as it is an apple with good conservation qualities, the commercial window continues until June.

Sources from the company do not rule out that, after covering the most important European markets, commercial agreements could be reached outside this continent.

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