Scholar®, final authorisation in Spain for stone, pip and citrus fruit

TECNIDEX is reminding producers and marketers that using Scholar® from the very beginning helps prevent the main post-harvest diseases.
The Magrama General Directorate for Health in Agricultural Production has finally authorised the marketing and use of Scholar®, a fungicide with a fludioxonil base, for the protection of stone fruit, pip fruit and citrus fruit during the post-harvest phase.
With Scholar®, a broad-spectrum, natural fungicide from Syngenta, the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector has the best solution for preventing the main post-harvest diseases in stone, pip and citrus fruit, caused by the fungi Monilia spp., Botrytis cinerea, Penicillium ssp., Rhizopus spp. and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, amongst others.
In fact, in view of the imminent start of the stone and pip fruit campaign, TECNIDEX, the exclusive distributor of the product, is reminding producers and marketers that the application of Scholar® from the very start is an essential tool to be able to offer healthy, quality stone fruit on both national and international markets.
This fungicide meets the most demanding legislation. The FRAC (Fungicide Resistance Action Committee) classifies its active ingredient as a substance that is not very susceptible to generating resistance in the fungal strains and the EPA (USA) classifies it as a low toxicity fungicide (Reduced Risk: low toxicity for humans, mammals and non-objective organisms; low risk of contamination of underground water; low potential for generating resistant strains; proven effectiveness and compatibility with the comprehensive handling of pests.
TECNIDEX, SYNGENTA’s exclusive partner during the post-harvest phases, offers the sector a complete catalogue of products, technologies and services for the control of the main conservation diseases for stone fruit, protecting it in order for it to reach the end consumer in a healthy condition.
With 35 years of experience in post-harvest, TECNIDEX is the most innovative company on the market. With its head offices in Spain, it has an important international presence and its own subsidiaries in Morocco, Turkey, South Africa and Italy, whilst simultaneously exporting to over 25 countries.

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