Success of Mazzoni’s Bibaum system

Solidly established in different apple producing regions, the Bibaum system already has over ten years of success behind it.

The Italian company developed an innovative technique for producing double axe plants in nurseries, managing to penetrate into the largest apple productions. Although this system has traditionally been used, the difference lies in the fact that it was not know how to develop the plant in a nursery. And Mazzoni managed it and christened it the Bibaum system.

Its main advantage lies in the fact that the farmer benefits from the time factor: the two-branched tree is planted in the same way as always, but this one is ready to produce fruit.

“In the nursery we carry out painstaking work to keep the balance between the branches, which must be as homogeneous as possible and thinner than in the traditional system, so that the light can have a greater effect. There are no leaves in the shade, therefore the colouring is greater,” states Michelangelo Leis, manager of the nursery.

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