The four new references from Huercasa


Grilled sweet corn, steamed sweet potato halves, marinated beetroot for salads and potatoes cooked in their skins are the new references

The common point of the new products lies in their simple, fast preparation. Additionally, as with the rest of the Huercasa range, they do not contain any preservatives, they are very natural products, steam-prepared, just as consumers would do at home, and vacuum-packed to make them last longer.

The grilled sweet corn is an evolution of Huercasa’s corn on the cob, the company’s star product, the leader in Europe in this sector. In this case, the bonus lies in the markings on the cob, which bring into the home the characteristic barbecue flavour, just by heating the sweet corn up in the oven or microwave.

Other products that are ideal as garnishes are the new steamed sweet potato halves, with the delicious flavour of sweet potato, containing all their nutritional properties, and the unpeeled potatoes, perfect for accompanying any dish or serving with different sauces.

Finally, Huercasa is launching its new beetroot for salads onto the market, the evolution of another of its best known references, cooked beetroot. This product is perfect for adding to any salad, as it is presented chopped and marinated with a mild combination of apple juice and vinegar that give it a very special touch.

New packaging

Alongside these new products, the company is also taking advantage of the Madrid trade fair to showcase its new packaging, an investment in sustainability that is framed in the company’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The new packaging, which is already being used on the different Huercasa products, eliminates secondary plastics and replaces them with paper strips and labels, a process that will mean a saving of around 20 tonnes of plastic per year.

Bio range

Another of Huercasa’s pillars at the fair will be its range of bio products, which involves virtually all the company’s references, including sweet corn, beetroot, potatoes, pulses and rice.

Huercasa’s vegetable solutions save time for cooking fans, bringing added value due to their practicality and removing the vegetable cleaning, chopping and cooking processes.


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