Primaflor introduces Mimaflor


This is the new commercial name of Primaflor’s different lines of products

The same products, with the usual quality, but with a name that accurately conveys the values of a company that is constantly evolving: greens and vegetables that are carefully cultivated from the seed, using criteria of responsibility and agricultural sustainability, aimed at clients and workers.

This brand change, which only affects the product lines, corresponds to the objective of positioning the company as an ambassador of love for its clients’ wellbeing, without overlooking its basic principles of sustainability, innovation and respect for agricultural traditions. Not in vain, in recent years the company has implemented a strategy of circular sustainability that includes workers, respect for the planet and promotion of healthy consumer products.

This strategy’s results include the announcement of the largest agricultural research centre for leafy outdoor crops, adhesion to the Global Compact for reducing emissions and collaboration with the University of Almería for establishing the Chair of Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Foods. This new image corresponds to Primaflor’s international promotion as a modern company and leading producer of healthy foods.

An image designed with care

The new image’s graphic style reflects this care (“mimo” in Spanish) by means of its colours and typography, as well as the pictures accompanying each campaign –cute and relatable, seeking a real connection with the consumer.

Mimaflor (commercial brand) and Primaflor (company brand) will share the same image (flower and typography), thereby coexisting under the same management and visual identity.

The new brand will be presented at Fruit Attraction, along with the new range of complete meals ready for eating after heating in the microwave. Presented in individual format with a recyclable container, Mimaflor provides fresh vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates, which are steamed in their own juice, thereby enhancing their original tastes and conserving all of their nutrients. The range includes traditional and ethnic recipes, such as Chicken and vegetable curry; Noodles with vegetables, chicken and Tamari sauce; or Boiled potatoes and broccoli. Healthy, tasty options that save time.

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