“The market aims at becoming 100% natural”

Caña Nature

Caña Nature intends to stand out on the pre-cooked market

The La Caña Group has taken a step forward in its commitment to the circular economy through the impetus of Caña Nature. “For the past few years we have wanted to respond to concerns related to sustainability and this started taking shape in 2018,” explained Javier Valverde, manager of the processing company.

The company’s range is prepared with top quality ingredients, using a 100% natural and healthy premise. “The market is moving towards products that are additive and preservative-free. Most of the companies in the sector use antioxidants and additives. We don’t. We want to stand out due to flavour, freshness and without any ‘e’ numbers.” To do this, they have opted for high pressure cold processing and high barrier packaging developed alongside ITC Packaging. “There are very few of us on the market that use them. They allow a shelf life of 7 weeks in products as delicate as guacamole and grated tomato, which we market fresh, without double boiling, to preserve their real flavour.”

Along with grated tomato, they have salmorejo, gazpacho and guacamole. And except for the guacamole, they are all available in both conventional and ecological formats. They plan to develop juices and smoothies with mixtures of tropical fruits and vegetables, but this second phase will probably be put back a year due to the current situation.”

An expansion on stand-by

They started building the factory in April, 2019 and last January they launched the first products. The pandemic hit in the middle of the presentation of their range, bringing a halt to new products and a good part of the commercial work. In spite of everything, in May, they restarted their negotiations and many have already been successful. “We are in Lidl Spain with grated tomato and we hope to incorporate new products. We are also in Covirán; in El Corte Inglés in Granada and soon our ecological produce will be in the Biosfera spaces; in Alcampo in Eastern Andalusia and in Carrefour Andalusia from the end of July.” Other stores are Primaprix, Líder Aliment (Spar in Extremadura and Eastern Andalusia), Spar in Cantabria and Asturias, the website Naturitas, greengrocer chains and gourmet establishments.

Outside our borders, they sell gazpacho and salmorejo in Russia, and they are in contact with EU chains. “We aim to have a good presence in retail, Horeca and specialists in ecological produce”.

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