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The watermelon universe

Nunhems sandia

Nunhems has high quality materials in the four main segments.

Nunhems, the brand from Basf Vegetable Seeds, is probably the only company with varieties in all the most important watermelon segments: fresh market, dual suitability, mini/midi watermelons and for the processed or ready-prepared range. It has reference materials with quality and flavour as common values in all these segments.

For the fresh market, Bengala, Boston, Stellar and Style are the most important varieties and they continue to be the most popular for growing due to their yield stability and internal quality. Sun Gem and Moon Gem also stand out for high quality markets, with values of up to 14º brix and a very smooth taste, which literally is “an explosion of flavour in the mouth,” Pere Montón, the Account Manager, explains.

In the dual suitability watermelons, they have Bazman (which this year has taken on a great significance in crop surface area and it is the perfect variety to guarantee a clean, attractive cut for consumers of watermelon halves and quarters) and HARMONIUM (more medium-sized, 4-6 kg, indicated for selling in halves and whole). Both varieties have a balance of the four key characteristics: crunchy texture, red colour, high brix and above all, cutting behaviour, which turn them into the best for selling in halves and quarters.

In the mini/midi segment, Hiromi stands out (1.5-2.5 kg, a “mini” product that is practical for consumption, but with Nunhems genetics, that is to say, giving priority to the quality), Premium, Frilly, Kalanda (a very worthy ‘older sister’ of Premium with fruit of between 3-5 kg, very strategic for guaranteeing larger sizes in early plantations both under glass and in the open air, always with the appreciated “Premium quality”) and Kaorí, included in the micro-seed category and that is becoming more popular year after year, thanks to its function as a pollinator and to its growth as a single crop.

And regarding watermelons for processing, where up to now priority was only given to firmness, a series of varieties are being introduced where this characteristic is being kept, without compromising the fruit’s deep red colour and flavour. “The aim is for ready-prepared consumers to enjoy the same quality as fresh watermelons.” Under this heading, they have three materials underway: Royal Slice for projects in Brazil and two new varieties to be introduced worldwide.

Kisy is also worth remembering, a very ambitious, innovative Project. “It is a new fruit category the internal quality and size of which allow a high versatility in new consumption methods, completely unknown until now such as, for example, making cocktails or peeling and eating the fruit like an apple within the snack eating segment.”

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