The Zespri® system: quality as its hallmark

Behind its unmistakeable flavour, there is a complete system designed to maintain the qualities of the Zespri® kiwi in top conditions until reaching the table.

What is the secret for a fruit that looks so fragile for keeping its flavour and quality at any time of year? The company has developed a production method called the Zespri® system. This system regulates every phase of the process: from cultivation, passing through packaging, storage and transport, until reaching the distribution point. A chain which, along with exhaustive quality controls during the process ensures that Zespri® kiwis reach their destination maintaining their maximum quality.

The importance of a good start

It all begins in the plantations. A careful selection of the location where the cultivation will take place is made in order to guarantee that the fruit grows in a natural way, with the necessary light, temperature and humidity conditions for its optimum development.

The land is also analysed before the harvest, using external inspections and in order to prepare the land for growing, the wood pruned from the vine is reused as organic fertiliser.

Natural selection

Once ready for harvesting, the Zespri® kiwis are inspected to ensure they are ripe, in addition to the maximum guarantee of their lifespan and flavour. The ones that pass the test are classified according to size and variety and packaged in installations close to the crops. Following this, they are placed in environmentally-friendly cold storage for a short period of time before being transported.

During this last phase, an exhaustive monitoring of the route is carried out using EAN 128 barcodes, which also allow traceability. In this way, it is guaranteed that consumers are going to receive a natural, nutritional and delicious product.

The key to success

This system implanted in 1997 has maintained the characteristic quality and flavour of Zespri® kiwis for over two decades. A success story that is continuously evolving, which keeps the company at the head of innovation and sustainable farming. In this way, and thanks to excellent service, commercial support and response capacity to customers’ demands, Zespri® kiwi manages to maintain its premium flavour and quality as its best hallmark.


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