Vicente Peris is launching ‘pineapple with cooked ham’


Vicente Peris has launched a new combination of selected fruit and high range charcuterie, which it markets under the brands Peris and Frutifresh.

This product supplies a complete, nutritionally balanced portion, with all the fibre and vitamins of the fruit and the proteins of the ham, in a low-calorie mix.

This new product includes 270 g of top-quality pineapple, from Costa Rica, diced for easy eating and a 30 g roll of extra-quality cooked ham, gluten and lactose-free. The packaging, RPET 100% recyclable and recycled, is designed to ensure that both foodstuffs remain fresh until the moment they are eaten.

The work selecting, peeling and dicing the pineapple is carried out in the state-of-the-art white room that Peris has in Albuixech (Valencia). The space is certified with standard ISO7, one of the most demanding for food safety.

“With this new product we are continuing our line, putting different quality proposals on the market for consumers who are looking for a healthy snack or even a light meal instead of a full one,” comments Alberto Montaña, General Manager of Vicente Peris, S.A.

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