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Vitalis has around 300 bio varieties


In Spain, their most popular references are seeds for tomatoes, Dutch cucumbers and easyQs and California and Tribelli peppers

“Ecological seeds are the foundations for organic farming.” The Chairman of Ecovalia asserted this at the 360 Organic Experience seminar by Vitalis a few years ago. Now that the deadline for the elimination of derogations in eco seeds in Europe is about to be reached, Vitalis is looking back and affirms that over the past few years there has been a rise in demand for ecological seeds, although there has also been a significant increase in applications for derogations for certain crops over the last year.

The seed company continues working to maintain an extensive portfolio of varieties that can help ecological farmers, both in quality and in production, and with new resistances in all types of crops. Currently, they have around 300 ecological varieties on the MAPA database and they continue researching to obtain varieties that are better adapted to their clients’ needs, along with innovations that bring value to the chain regarding size, flavour and post-harvest.

In Spain, amongst its most popular references are seeds for tomatoes, Dutch cucumbers and easyQs and peppers (California peppers in Cartagena and Tribelli in Almeria). Varieties that are ecological from the start of the chain, a very important concept on which they are working alongside their clients in order for end consumers to really know what a product that is 100% ecological from the very start can bring them. “The question involves going a step further: an ecological product from the very start of the chain and in our specific case, from seed production. This is the added value that we offer at Vitalis: seeds for crops that are 100% ecological and sustainable.”

In the case of Dutch cucumbers, the Greencumbers concept is worth mentioning, a set of varieties that guarantee longer shelf-life and more resistances, all available for ecological crops with Vitalis.

Tribelli is another good example: added to the brand’s value is the possibility for these peppers to be ecological from the very beginning with Vitalis. This means twice the value for the entire chain, from producers to end consumers.

Through well-known brands such as Tribelli, easyQs and Tomazur, they offer consistency for consumers, meeting the most demanding expectations. “We are always researching to create more ‘points of confidence’ with consumers and this year and the next we will be committed to getting much closer to the end of the chain. We know that actions of this type require a great deal of effort, but the rewards are worth it. Establishing relations where everyone wins -the producers, the chain and the end consumer, is the basis of our philosophy.”

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