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Watermelons and melons, key aspects for export

Watermelons are maintaining a positive trend in foreign sales. Melons are doing the same, but at a slower rate

Spanish watermelon exports in 2016 recorded a 9.9% increase in volume and a 11.5% increase in value, reaching 719,427 tonnes and 333,7 million euros, respectively, compared to the previous year (654,587 tonnes and 299,1 million euros).

By weight, the watermelon is the third fruit exported by Spain and its main destination in the European Union is Germany, which receives 295,059 tonnes. Then come France, with 119,485 tonnes (16.6%), and the United Kingdom, with 65,806 tonnes (9%).

By province, Almeria is in first place with a total of 329,630 tonnes, followed by Murcia with 161,546 tonnes representing 22.45% with respect to the national total. The third place is held by Valencia with 120,046 tonnes.

Spanish melon exports in 2016 rose by 2.2% in volume and 12.8% in value compared to the previous year (434,699 tonnes and 268,16 million euros), making a total of 444,370 tonnes and 303,4 million euros, respectively.

According to the customs export data, the first recipient of melons from Spain is France, where 27% (120,083 tonnes) of the total exported is sent. In second place is Germany, with 23.5% (104,675 tonnes) and the third place is held by the United Kingdom, with 13% (57,652 tonnes).

By province, the Region of Murcia is at the head, maintaining a positive evolution in recent years with a volume of 227,438 tonnes, which represents 51.18% in relation to the national total, followed by Almeria (87,902 tonnes) and Valencia (44,699 tonnes). Melon exports from Murcia recorded a drop of 1.32% (227,438 tonnes) compared to the previous year (230,487 tonnes).

The main destination for melon exports from Murcia is France, which receives 65,025 tonnes, for a value of 57.29 million euros. Following this are Germany, with 56,790 tonnes and the United Kingdom, with 41,769 tonnes.

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