A world power with local solutions

HM.Clause has shown its extensive range of melons and its progress in watermelons

In July, HM.Clause presented a seminar where the reason behind its world leadership in melons, its second product in sales, was reflected. “We select each country’s most suitable type. Our aim is for it to be productive for both farmers and distribution”, Ronan Le Delliou, Melon Product Manager, explained. To do this, they have R&D centres on all the continents, a fact that turns the company into a world power with local solutions.

One of the melon types where the company is a leader is Galia, with Brisa F1 as a reference due to its quality in long shelf life. And this year, they have launched two melons for Almeria that complete the range, with optimal commercial sizes: Mistral F1 (early, with significant flavour, very stable, with a Brix of 1-1.5 more than other varieties) and Terral F1 (middle cycle, very homogeneous and with quality in long shelf life, adding an extra 1º Brix and very good behaviour against powdery mildew).

In Galia for Murcia the new development is Bachata F1, with size and production for early crops, which is added to Lambada F1, the leader in middle cycle (high yield, attractive appearance, excellent flavour and aroma) and Salsa F1 (homogeneous and with high yield in late crops).

Another type where the company excels is Charentais, with high internal quality. In this segment Karman F1 stands out (late crops in Spain and France, with more flavour than the traditional long shelf life fruit and good behaviour against powdery mildew) and Soliman F1 for middle sowing in Murcia, fruit with good size and flavour. In early crops there is Sultan F1, with large sizes for the dates and an excellent external appearance.

Timon F1 (early) and Mastil F1 (high yield and quality) are the Yellow melon proposals for Almeria.

And they complete the national Piel de Sapo catalogue with Valverde F1: 8 years as the benchmark for brand names due to its quality, uniformity, flavour and texture, suitable for Almeria and early cycle in Murcia (micro-tunnel). For Murcia they have Valderas F1, a new development with a traditional flavour and high resistance to powdery mildew and aphids. And Valiente F1, a reference in middle cycle. In La Mancha there is Valdivieso F1, with a very good size and possible for both early and late crops; and Valeoso F1, 2.5-3kg and very good flavour for middle cycle.

For the international market, the Product Manager in America Jagdeep Dhillon explained proposals such as Tacana, Harper long shelf life for Central America, with a balanced flavour for export. And Saphir, a Premium melon produced in Italy and Spain, aimed at gourmet consumers, with an original appearance and spectacular internal quality.

Watermelon forecast

According to Fabien Lauret, Watermelon Product Manager, “it is important to give consumers a stable product throughout the year, while continuing to improve internal quality”. In Spain, the company’s first variety is Casilda F1 (on sale next year), Sugar baby triploid for Almeria and Murcia, with deep, red flesh, a homogenous size and good internal quality.

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