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Zespri®, quality and flavour 365 days of the year

All the Zespri® kiwi varieties have managed to maintain the same properties throughout the entire year

Unlike many seasonal fruits, Zespri® Kiwis can be enjoyed at any time of year. And the fact is that Zespri® has managed what seemed an impossible feat: maintaining the same quality and unmistakeable flavour throughout the entire year in all its varieties.

More present than ever before in our consumer and shopping habits, every day more people are appreciating the flavour and quality of Zespri® kiwis, which are always on the supermarket shelves, whatever the season. But, how is this possible?

Production on both hemispheres, with similar weather conditions, allows product availability at any time of the year. And Zespri® always follows strict controls that ensure the maximum quality of the produce, one of the brand’s seals of identity.

Thanks to the Zespri® Quality System, established in all the Zespri® plantations around the world, the company can guarantee that consumers are going to receive a natural, nutritional and delicious produce at all times.

This method takes care of regulating everything about the cultivation conditions until the crop reaches the distribution point, with an exhaustive quality assurance covering all the stages of the process, from the very selection of the land for planting Zespri® kiwis.

Only in this way can the guarantee of quality and flavour that makes Zespri® kiwis unmistakeable be met all year long. A promise which, day by day, is met at the points of sale, thanks to the company’s commitment to always offering the best, as demanded by Spanish consumers. Regardless of the season, they maintain their traditional flavour and quality.

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