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Zespri®, two decades as a reference on the market

Over the past 20 years, Zespri® has consolidated as the leading company in the kiwi sector, both nationally and internationally.

Such is the case that, currently, the company from New Zealand manages over 45% of the kiwi volume marketed in Spain, and 30% throughout the world.

Likewise, it has an important brand awareness in Spain, to the extent that today Zespri® is the leading fresh fruit brand in Top of Mind with 18%, a spontaneous awareness of 28% and suggested awareness of 80% (GFK 2017 Zespri Spain Brand Research). It is worth mentioning that these percentages have grown in recent years as a result of the marketing and communication actions carried out by the company.

But this is not all, because the key to Zespri´s® success lies to a large extent in the excellent quality of all its kiwis, the organoleptic properties of which are beyond compare with other brands. Kiwis which, additionally, are the only ones that are available in any type of establishment, from traditional fruit and vegetable stores to the large hypermarkets and supermarkets, and the only ones that are on the market 365 days a year, which is possible due to their cultivation on both hemispheres.

In order to manage to maintain the quality standards throughout the year, regardless of the country where they are grown, all the farmers who work for the company do so using the Zespri System. This involves its own integrated environmental production system, which covers all the production phases of Zespri® kiwis, from their cultivation to their end sales to consumers.

All these factors result in the fact that Zespri® kiwis are the favourite for the Spaniards who eat this fruit. Specifically, 83% of them prefer Zespri Green and Zespri SunGold compared to the other varieties of green and yellow kiwi, respectively (GFK 2017 Zespri Spain Brand Research). In addition, Zespri® kiwis are present in 68.1% of Spanish households (Kantar World Panel P4 2017).

The reasons for choosing Zespri® instead of other options are due to the flavour, the quality and the confidence that the brand transmits after 20 years offering the best kiwis on the market.

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