Ecological crops now cover 100,000 hectares

In 2021 there was an increase of over 20% (18,401 ha) in the certified surface area, passing the one hundred thousand hectare mark. Specifically, 107,247 hectares were quantified throughout the Region of Murcia.

Virtually all the crop groups experienced sustained growth in 2021, with the largest rise being recorded for dried fruits, with 11,667 ha, representing a growth of 35%; vines (2,043 ha), with an increase of 16%; arable crops (1,820 ha), with 19%; and citrus fruit (1,213 ha), representing a growth of 31%.

At the beginning of June, the Technical Director of the Ecological Agriculture Council of the Region of Murcia (Caerm), presented the data from the annual balance 2021 for ecological agriculture in the Region of Murcia, which already covers over 100,000 hectares.

The Caerm welcomes the growth data that ecological agriculture is experiencing in the Region, sharing the figures both for the increase in the cultivated ecological surface area, which has grown by 20% compared to 2020, and the increase in operators. The crops that have seen the most prominent growth were dried fruits, citrus and vines.

“The Region of Murcia is the autonomous region in Spain that has the largest proportion of land that is cultivated ecologically compared to conventionally, which is an indicator of the importance of this agriculture for our land,” Pedro José Pérez, Technical Director of the Caerm, comments.

The Caerm is a public organisation that certifies the ecological production in accordance with the European Union regulations to maintain consumer and operator confidence. The public certification model guarantees greater transparency, simple management, affordable cost, and it is supervised by the public administration, as well as a greater optimisation of the resources.

Some of the most representative companies in the sector are getting ready to attend the sector’s most important ecological agriculture event that is held to be in Madrid, ‘Organic Food Iberia’. Amongst these are Camposeven; La Pastora; Cítricos La Paz; Vixvital; Abellán Biofoods, Cofrutos; López Matencio; Almond Cremades; Mara Fruits; Runakay Plus; and Ceratonia Plus.

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