First webinar about Vertical Farming in Spain


Next Wednesday June 17th, 2020 it is going to take place the first Protected Vertical Farming webinar in Spanish. It is going to be taught from actual Vertical Farming facilities with live crops.

Protected Vertical Farming systems are a new trend in agriculture, and in this event its features, benefits and concepts related to the management and the cost effectiveness of the crops grown with this technology will be shown. The revolution of this new kind of agriculture resides in its characteristics regarding to productivity and space, water, and energy saving. This is an answer to current and future needs because of the expected high demand of food, since next 30 years it is estimated that the world population will increase in more than 2 billion people, reaching the cipher of 9,7 billion people in our planet by 2050.

Different topics will be addressed, from the current situation of Vertical Farming to the management of protected vertical systems. Also, technologies which allow the development of this kind of agriculture will take an important place, as lighting, climate, or irrigation systems. In addition, the webinar will count on a round of questions and query resolution.

Novagric engineers José Manuel Sánchez and Ismael Salar, responsible of the development of the facilities from which will be broadcasted the webinar, are going to be who explain the keys of Protected Vertical Farming. Alfonso González, as Etifa coordinator, is going to have the role of moderator. Etifa is the entity which organizes the webinar.

The event will last one and a half hour, and it will take place 17:00 p.m. on June 17th (Europe/Madrid time zone). Attendees are up to 100, the register is free and it can be done in Etifa’s webpage:

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