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Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI: irresistible excellence from Emilia-Romagna

There is a lively demand for the prince of vegetables, the Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI, the excellence recognized throughout Europe. Emilia Romagna produces 7% of the 8,100 hectares cultivated with asparagus in Italy and it is the place for the European production of the Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI.

The distribution of the product, characterized by a special package with graphics dedicated to the valorization of the PGI territorial identity, is aimed at 70% of large-scale retail trade, the remaining share goes to traditional retail and, in a small part, to direct sales. The sales on the Horeca channel are growing.

The main market is the national one representing, at least, the 80%; the remaining share reaches the European market, mainly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In the large-scale retail trade, the Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI has also become part of Coop Italia’s high-quality Fior Fiore line.

What makes this product unique?

The unicity of the Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI is certainly determined by the land from which it is produced, with its ideal characteristics for excellent quality production. The difference is made by the people and the community of producers who, for over 20 years, have been committed in promoting the Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI and highlighting its thousand-year history, the gastronomical and agricultural tradition.

The area, between the Via Emilia and the Po River, has shown an excellent quality crop that has been developing over the years. This is thanks to the farmers who, in the early 1900s, decided to undertake a trip to Nantes, in France, to learn about the most advanced production techniques for growing asparagus. Starting from the knowledge and the comparison with these experiences across the border, the extraordinary story was born which has made the Altedo area, up to the Po, the most appreciated area of cultivation. It is thanks to the local farmers that the best production techniques were developed, the selection of excellent varieties, the ability to enhance the product in the city markets and to satisfy the demand from all over Italy and, then, Europe. The green asparagus of Altedo was and still is recognized for its taste, tender texture, high caliber, and freshness. They have become a territorial excellence thanks to the skills of local producers and even today, their value is the result of this unique ability.

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People make the difference, even in agriculture.

The President of the Consortium, Gianni Cesari, is a producer of asparagus for over 30 years, and he recognizes how this product is playing a key role in the local agricultural business: “The Green Asparagus is a product that can supplement farmers’ income. It is a difficult plant to grow but less sensitive than others to climate change. The plant is economically demanding but the entry into production is rather rapid (2-3 years from the plant) and lasts for at least 15 years. I believe that it is important”, President Gianni Cesari concludes, “to make the necessary knowledge available to producers to successfully undertake this cultivation so appreciated by consumers and the Consortium will work on this front to relaunch production by introducing techniques that allow to optimize costs and increase the profitability of the crop also through an expansion of the marketing calendar. “

The numbers of asparagus in Italy

CSO Italy has been monitoring the trend of asparagus production and consumption in Italy for over 15 years. The 2024 data highlight a total area of 8,100 hectares cultivated with asparagus with Puglia as the leading region, although in constant decline, followed by Veneto and Campania. In Emilia Romagna, the hectares cultivated in 2024 are 600 distributed mostly in the typical production areas of the Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI.

Recently, asparagus consumption in Italy has reached an average of over 20,000 tonnes, equal to 111 million euros in value, with a decrease compared to previous years in line with the generalized contraction of the entire fruit and vegetable sector that has characterized the last two years.

In this case, the reduced availability of the product may also have influenced this lower consumption, but for the green asparagus of Altedo PGI the demand is always very lively and the certified product is marketed entirely in a short time. Large-scale retail trade absorbs over 70% of branded production, the remaining share is destined for the wholesale and Horeca markets, an important sales channel considering the gourmet characteristics of this extraordinary vegetable.

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