Kanzi® partners look optimistically forward to new European apple season

Kanzi® harvest

The European Kanzi® harvest period is well underway. The Italian Kanzi® growers were the first to start picking Kanzi® in week 38, followed by their north European Kanzi® partners in the subsequent weeks.

Good yields meet increasing demand

This year, Kanzi® experiences a particularly good harvest quality. Despite some challenges, such as a few frost nights during flowering and very hot days towards the end of the growing season, growers are very satisfied with the harvest, volume as well as apple sizes.

Due to the overall favorable weather conditions with good temperatures and a high number of sun hours, the bulk-part of the crop shows the typical Kanzi® calibers 65-85mm, which will widely cover the increasing market needs. Good coloration of the apples and the in total 18 quality criteria a Kanzi® apple has to comply with will result in good product presentation on the shelf and consumers enjoying again the great taste of Kanzi®.

Strong performances in European markets

Kanzi® has again developed some attractive programs for retail and consumers. Together with the increasing brand preference, they are a very good starting point for the new season to confirm its number 2 position in the world of branded apples. Kanzi® will continue to build on the great sales performances in its key markets in the past seasons. Supported by market research, expansion into newer markets will be pursued structurally. Consumer research shows that the sweet-tangy taste and juicy crunch of Kanzi® perfectly fits the taste profile of a wide consumer base. Furthermore the ideal size profile of Kanzi® allows to satisfy all kinds of market demands.

Informational ‘Covid-proof’ pan-European campaign

To announce the arrival of the new harvest, a pan-European marketing campaign has been created to activate customers and consumers by sharing the great Kanzi® story and give  insights into the great work of the Kanzi® growers.

Trend research shows that consumers expect more transparency about the way their food is produced. Based on this trend a new ‘digital first’ campaign has been put in place with a strong focus on online media to show consumers interesting facts about the production and harvest process of Kanzi®. The choice for online tools such as YouTube, social media and Google display bannering was made in the light of the current Covid-19 pandemic and the limitations to organize off-line activations such as sampling or in-store tastings.

The first wave of the pan-European Kanzi® campaign will run from week 40 to 44 and aims to reach 10 million consumers. In the individual markets, the local market partners will create additional brand awareness and sales promotions through their country specific marketing campaigns.

Positive outlook into the future

“The current positive commercial development of the brand makes growers decide to invest in Kanzi® for the coming years. The planting program is on track and that will enable us to grow in line with increasing market demand” concludes Dietmar Bahler, CEO of GKE NV.

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