La Palma is celebrating its 50-year anniversary

The company is celebrating an unstoppable half a century at Fruit Logistica 2023.
la palma

At Cooperativa La Palma, this year they are celebrating 50 years of business, effort and constant improvement. This has ranked them as the largest producer of cherry tomatoes and specialities in Spain, as well as being a benchmark company in Europe in the production and marketing of cherry tomatoes and speciality mini vegetables.

“This year we will celebrate 50 unstoppable years. Without ceasing to cooperate, innovate and generate wealth and social improvement. 50 unstoppable years that push us to continue moving forward together for an agriculture that is better, more sustainable, tastier and healthier for everyone,” they explain.

At Fruit Logistica 2023, the company is presenting solutions for the new agricultural challenges.

A true food revolution that is reflected in its innovative and extraordinary fresh products; in a novel, quality vegan alternative; in sustainable packaging and in new marketing concepts.

“We have always sought to be leaders in transformation. We are aimed at revolutionising food, making it tastier, healthier and more sustainable. Our focus lies on creating shared value and to promoting policies and practices that strengthen the competitiveness, not only of our company, but of the agricultural sector as a whole. All of this while guaranteeing a sustainable future.

They continue to be committed to a magnificent selection of top-quality vegetables with which they are leaders in the Mini Vegetable range, with a wide variety of speciality tomatoes, snack cucumbers and mini peppers. They also have some new flavourful tomato proposals, with the spotlight on their nutritional benefits, as well as an extensive line of Subtropical fruits made up of custard apples, avocados and mangos, to which pitayas, passion fruit and caviar lime are being incorporated.

Additionally, the cooperative is immersed in the development of Ready-cooked products, the spearhead of their commitment to R&D, made up of delicious 100% natural preparations based on their fresh produce, presented in innovative formats, such as Vegetable red tuna “Tunato®”, Vegan hamburgers, Dehydrated vegetables and Vegetable sauces.

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