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Made in Nature continues its promotion of organic products in Italy, France and Germany by inviting professionals to discover the companies involved in the project funded by the European Union and CSO Italy.

The first appointment of the series of webinar dedicated to buyers has focused on the quality of Italian organic fruit and vegetables cultivated in the farms of Brio Agrintesa in Castel Raniero, in the province of Faenza, with Azienda Agricola Bandini of Pietro Bandini and in Cesena with Arbore Bio lead by Bruno Boschi.

The products on the focus have been the organic apricots and cherries actually in full production. A journey along the production process from the field to the point of sale that has highlighted what lies behind the organic of Brio, a company specialized in the production and marketing of organic fruit and vegetables and part of the Agrintesa Cooperative of the Apoconerpo Group which brings together 445 farms in 14 Italian regions for a total of 1700 hectares  cultivated and a production exceeding 45,000 tons of organic fruit and vegetables.

The initiative is part of the b2b activities of Made in Nature the project funded by the European Union and CSO Italy to promote Italian organic.

“I follow the evolution of production in the field step by step and we are constantly supported to get the best quality of the product,” says Pietro Bandini, owner of the company of the same name. “This year,” continues Bandini, “we have not had any particular frost damage in our company because the particularly favorable exposure protects us from frosts and extreme weather events”.

Organic innovation involves investments and bets on the future. Bruno Boschi, owner of the Arbore Bio company, talks about it. The entrepreneur from Cesena who has bet on organic in Romagna with a company of over 100 hectares focuses on key elements for the future: protect the well-being of the consumer, present innovative varieties characterized by excellent taste and small size. “I strongly believe that, in the future of Romagna, but we need to choose strongly in favour of the organic varieties. I have bet on flat white peaches, on plants characterized by small dimensions that are easy to harvest and on a cultivation technique with a low environmental impact ».

Roberto Colombo, Head of the Technical Office of Agrintesa / Brio, also spoke about agronomic technique and varietal innovation:

“The selection criteria with which we think about organic are obviously different from the traditional ones, it is a very difficult job, research never stops and the main difficulty is to combine plant resistance and product characteristics through planning which often means planning over 20 years later. In this the first organic operator is the farmer himself and the technicians who must follow him step by step, a determining factor for quality is precisely the care at the time of harvesting which must be carried out in the best way to ensure quality and future of production itself “.

«As regards the summer production», concluded Dr. Colombo, «for the second consecutive year we find ourselves in a difficult situation. Frosts weighed on the production of drupacee, persimmons and pears, while apples suffered less damage from the cold but the wind negatively affected the sizes. Cherries, on the other hand, show excellent quality thanks, on the contrary, to the lack of water and the cool climate, despite the forecasts, even the kiwi has recovered with a production of good prospects ».

The variety choice is the heart of success because today we have a panorama of fruit varieties that meet the needs of the consumer in terms of taste and flavor and are rustic and resistant to pathogens.

The event reserved for buyers is the first in a series that will continue throughout the year, highlighting the production path of Italian organic.

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In the photo, from left: Bruno Boschi (Arbore Bio), Sacchetti Claudio (responsible for the Agrintesa Biological Plant of Gambettola), Cristina Vespignani (field technician), Pietro Bandini (Azienda Bandini), Leonardo Gridella (Agrintesa quality manager ), Roberto Colombo (Agrintesa technical office).

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