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MELINDA Morgana apple tasting at CMR GROUP points of sale

On March 7 and 8, the prestigious Italian apple brand MELINDA held a tasting of its MORGANA apple at the CMR GROUP sales points in Mercabarna.

During the two days, the wholesaler’s clients had the opportunity to taste this juicy and very tasty apple. Morgana has a sugar level of 14-15 degrees Brix, juicy pulp, intense red skin dotted with light yellow nuances, and thanks to its crunchy texture and balanced aroma characterized by a tropical and spicy flavour, similar to that of anise, it satisfies even to the most demanding palates.

The name Morgana evokes deep and sensory images linked to the organoleptic characteristics of the apple, such as the concept of “Fata Morgana”, which describes the optical illusion of seeing an oasis in the desert and which refers to the concept of juiciness and freshness of this apple. CMR GROUP and MELINDA maintain a collaboration agreement for the marketing, through the distribution networks of the former, of both the Morgana apple and the entire prestigious range of products of the Italian brand, a benchmark in the world market for supreme quality apples.

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