Arnon and Galiano, a guarantee of yield

Top Seeds continues to add surface area with these pepper varieties, and it will launch new developments over the campaign.
top seeds california amarillo

Slowly, but surely. Over this campaign, Top Seeds will reveal its new pepper developments under the concept of ‘R€npimiento’ (pepper and yield, in Spanish); this characterises its commercial varieties Top Arnon and Galiano and offers guaranteed continuity with the new products that will be presented this campaign. Both are already well-known in the fields of Almeria and their surface area continues to be extended, thanks to its continuous productivity throughout the crop cycle, to the high number of kilos of top-quality and G-GG calibre throughout the cycle and the ease of handling.

Top Arnon (early) stands out due to its powerful root system, ideal in all kinds of soil. The open growing plant with medium internodes is early and fast. The uniform fruit reach a G-GG calibre from the beginning, with great quality, good wall thickness and excellent colour, both in green and in red.

Galiano, on the other hand, is focused on medium and late sowing. The plant is strong and offers easy setting and high production, with square, good coloured, firm fruit, without any cracking, and that allow significant endurance on the plant and an excellent post-harvest.

Forthcoming developments

Its R&D is focusing on greater resistances (mainly by adding nematodes), on other sources of resistance that are in an advanced phase and on a root development that works well when there is a water shortage. “The main goal will be aimed at the pepper crop, but we also have many ongoing trials with tomatoes.”

As Ángel Pelegrina, General Manager of Top Seeds, affirms “we are not seeking to launch varieties to fill up the catalogue, but rather to really bring a differential product to the market. The fact of launching 3, 4, 5 or 6 new varieties year after year in the same segment is a kind of confusing war that should be considered more carefully.”

This year they will launch two varieties that have yet to be registered, a red California for early cycles, and another for medium cycles.

They are two “highly competitive” materials that are following the same line that has become a “brand of the company”: powerful roots and medium-high strength, ideal for crops in conditions of “heat that is becoming increasingly extreme,” and with HR to powdery mildew.

Another introduction, in this case a yellow California pepper, will be focused on early-medium plantations. In Lamuyo, they will also add a variety for July plantations, ideal for cooperatives due to its compact size, with “extra-thick” walls.”


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