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45% more grafts

The Cristalplant Group’s melon and watermelon sales prospects are increasing in all production areas.

The general market trend of replacing melon crops with watermelons has been encouraged by the fact that the graft production by this company has grown by 45% compared to the past campaign. The quality of Cristalplant’s products, a result of its consolidated experience over many years, as well as its commitment to Japanese or stick grafts (with many benefits such as greater yield and hygiene) have brought the company from Almeria the favour of a large part of the sector.

Likewise, under the melon heading, the company has also experienced a positive evolution in contrast to what is happening in general. And the fact is that, although the crop surface area has decreased, Cristalplant has increased its production thanks to the agreements it has signed with seed companies.

Now, in the middle of the sales campaign in areas of Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia, the company shows us the forecasts for this year, which are highly promising in all regions. In the first phase, which has already finished in the province of Almeria and in Murcia, they have marketed around 4-5 million melon plants and 7 million watermelon grafts. In La Mancha, the production of 2 million watermelon grafts is worth mentioning.

To optimise its services and move closer to its customers, the group has recently opened a branch in Pulpí, which will serve the northern area of Almeria, the Region of Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha. This new office is added to the branches in Seville and Western Almeria. “In recent years we have seen a highly significant growth due to the increase in production and with these actions we are going to be able to increasingly diversify our work”, the company’s general manager, José Blanco, states. The company’s figures are enough to show the good shape it is in: in just three years the Seedbed has doubled its invoicing, going from 6 to 12 million euros, and the forecast is for the company to continue growing at an annual rate of two digits.

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