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A material for each requirement


Intersemillas is preparing a new batch of melons and watermelons for next autumn

Last year, during Fruit Attraction, Intersemillas officially presented the Sorolla melon, an innovative piel de sapo with orange flesh that awoke great interest due to its obvious attractiveness and organoleptic peculiarities, which bring together freshness, aroma, flavour and good palate. But this is not all, next autumn they will arrive with a batch of traditional piel de sapo melons developed in recent years by the company’s plant breeder team. Claudio Vidal, R&D Manager, explains to Fruit Today that this new line is following the same philosophy as that of its watermelons. “Our aim is to cover most of our producers’ needs and obviously, those of the marketers. Therefore, we will present small fruit varieties with very good transport capacity for export; others with a long shelf life for the overseas winter productions; also some that respond to La Mancha’s high cultivation temperatures, and other varieties with elongated and also rounded fruit… in short, once again, we will have a catalogue where a material may be selected for each necessity.”

Intersemillas’ watermelon catalogue is made up of 14 commercial varieties that allow most of the sector’s current requirements to be covered. Its offer “is a significant relief for the farmers, technicians and salesmen who have to plan their programmes to meet the demands of the end consumers,” Vidal states. The medium and small-sized varieties have always been the company’s strong point. Examples of this are the diploids such as Miniazabache and Mini, or triploids such as Caramelo, Divina and recently, Cálida. A few years’ ago they launched Mini Micro, a perfectly round micro-seed, with a very small size which, together with an extraordinary production, also for very early crops in Almeria, promised a “spectacular future.” A future the new series will have, which is in a pre-commercial phase at present, of 1 kg triploid watermelons that have very good transport capacity.

Other crops

Intersemillas’ portfolio has also grown in other crops. At the last edition of Expolevante they promoted the courgette Esencia, the “tip of the iceberg of our dark courgette range” and also some white and yellow ones for other national markets and for export. The aim of the improvement in this crop is very well defined: to seek maximum resistance to viral diseases and adaptation to the different crop cycles. And the fact is that Esencia is “a compromise between production and uniformity with extraordinary results in open air crops.”

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