Aguacatera del Sur is growing

Aguacatera del Sur

Compañía Aguacatera del Sur closed its first campaign with a very positive balance, reaching 20 million euros in invoicing, and it is looking to 2020 with excellent business growth prospects, as it expects to broaden its horizons and move around 350 containers, mainly of avocados, in addition to mangos and pomegranates. Its strategy is based on “working with the best producers and exporters from each source: Peru, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Israel, Brazil and Chile” to supply high-quality produce 12 months of the year.

In a year when Peru is expected to reach record volumes in exports and South Africa is returning to pre-2019 levels, Óscar Martínez, one of the partners and executives from the company, explains that “the key will be to find the balance between the real capacity of the European operators and the expectations of the exporters at source.” And he advances: “Spanish producers must get used to the idea that prices above 3€/kg will become history.”

The company, constituted by Plátanos López de Mercamadrid and New Generation Fruit, was established at the end of 2018. It belongs to the WAO and has positioned itself among the main European avocado marketers.

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