Alcoaxarquía is teaming up with La Mayora to strengthen its R&D+i


It will support the Spanish National Research Council’s centre in the analysis of reference nutritional values in avocado sap from its farms in Spain and Peru.

On the 4th of December, the Alcoaxarquía Group signed an R&D+i contract for technological support with the Subtropical and Mediterranean Horticulture Institute, La Mayora (IHSM) belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

This alliance will be used to analyse reference nutritional values in sap, as well as fertilisation optimisation according to the phenological state in ecological cultivation of avocados, and a correlation between quality and final amount of fruit in post-harvest will be carried out, along with their nutritional levels, for the farms that Alcoaxarquía has in Spain and Peru.

The different trials will be under the supervision of José Ignacio Hormaza, Head of the Subtropical Fruit farming Department at the ISHSM. The Head of the Agronomic Department at Alcoaxarquía, Juan Becerra will support him in this task.

“The refining of these new analytical controls on sap will be an important step regarding an environmentally-friendly use of inputs and for the training of our technicians in the use of new technologies and analytical interpretations. For this reason, we have also invested in the acquisition of laboratory instrumentation and equipment, applying digital science and technology to the agricultural industry,” Becerra explains.

Since 2018, the company has been analysing sap and the saturated soil at different depths on its farms in Spain and Peru in order to correlate what they contribute and what the tree’s leaves and fruits really absorb. The results are “astonishing, given the diversity of soils, waters, climates, etc that we have on each farm, therefore we want, and need to agree on this data with the top scientists on the subject, the team from IHSM.”

With this agreement, Alcoaxarquía is bringing an intense, exhilarating 2020 to a close, where the 1,200 m2 expansion of its citrus fruit handling and marketing installations stands out, making a total of 5,800 m2 of covered area in the Vélez-Málaga installations, along with the purchase of the Cortijo Bajo de Cantarriján farm in Almuñécar, with 82 ha of avocados and mangos.

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