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“At Camposeven, our generational replacement is already underway”

Adolfo García camposeven

With just 15 years of life, the company from Murcia continues to grow and consolidate its human resources with the second and third generations of its founders.

Fruit Today had the chance to talk to Adolfo García, Camposeven’s Manager, who talked about the company’s latest new developments.

What point has Camposeven reached now?

Things are going really well, as the know-how of the older generation is being passed on to the following generations, who, in turn, are bringing their technological knowledge. This transfer of knowledge brings us great peace of mind as a company.

At the moment, we have a production of around 22 million kilos and an invoicing of 35 million euros. It is a figure that remains stable. However, we are seeing how the prices for ecological produce are suffering. In 2021, we reached the same invoicing, but we sold three million kilos more.

There are an increasing amount of people producing ecological crops, but consumption in Spain is lower than in Europe, where our main markets are located.

New producers must take into account that the costs are higher than for conventional production, and productivity, in peppers for example, can be reduced by up to 28%.

What are your latest investments?

The last one was the enlargement of our premises 2 years ago, with which we added 1,800 square metres. And this year of 2021/22 we will start up a new line of peppers and another of watermelons, with an investment of 1 million euros.

Over the next two years, we are planning another hefty investment to install automatic palletisation and a new packaging system.

What range of products do you have?

We have been working with almonds for the past few years and with pitayas for 3 years now. We also market avocados, pomegranates and lemons. In clementines, we have reached a better position to cover the entire Clementine cycle. In total, we have 30 different products.

Our most important product has always been greenhouse peppers. Our production reaches 6.5 million kilos. We start in March and we end in the first week of August, in order to carry out solar disinfection and guarantee a product free from insecticides and pesticides.

Your commitment is not only to ecological production, but rather to biodynamic crops that go beyond this concept, isn’t it?

Yes, actually all our plantations are carried out using biodynamic methods, but not all are marketed as such; some volumes are sold as ecological produce.

It is a different crop method, which treats the soil very well. The soil is very appreciative and we have seen our crops improve.

I believe you have no problems regarding generational replacement

Not at all. At Camposeven we all work closely together and the second and third generations are already here, significantly involved in the lands belonging to the families. The older generations live alongside the ones who are just starting out and we have a very valuable exchange of knowledge.

What about the electronic trade Freshvana line?

We started in 2012 and, due to the pandemic, we had an important increase in sales. We have made the website more user-friendly, improving the offer of products… We have doubled our pre-Covid levels.

We give this service to increase consumption of biodynamic and ecological produce and as transport is a significant cost, we offer the possibility of coming to collect the purchase, which is very popular, particularly amongst the foreigners living in the region.


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