Bayex Overseas is launching cocktail avocado pears

A new mini fruit is becoming popular in Europe: the cocktail avocado pear.

The successful avocado belongs to the Fuerte variety and it comes from Los Valles, a region to the North of Valencia, which is characterised by its mild climate and which, in a few years, has become an important production area for Lamb Hass avocado pears. It is a fruit measuring around eight centimetres, with edible skin and stone-less.

“It is ideal for healthy snacks because it has all the nutritional properties of an avocado,” explains Vicente Bayona, manager of the company.

The cocktail avocado pear is being marketed in four-kilo boxes under the Valls Tropik brand name. This unique fruit was launched commercially on the Rungis market, specifically by the company Banagrumes, but its demand soon spread to supermarkets in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Canada.

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