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The seed company will present important new developments at the Madrid trade fair that consolidate their commitment to the most aware and innovative consumers

Farming is an innovative, dynamic sector that is unstoppable in spite of having to face up to new problems and challenges on a daily basis. Once again it has shown this aspect during the healthcare crisis. And meeting up again at Fruit Attraction is a return to the long-desired normality. For this event, Bejo is coming with its stand and all the relevant prevention and safety steps, and it has prepared the debut of some of its latest innovations. One of them is the short cucumber Akasya, aimed at the main greenhouse crop growing area, Almeria, where its large-scale introduction is already under way. Suitable for the Spanish market and for export, amongst its advantages are its deep green colour, its good shape from beginning to end and its important thorny appearance, as well as its yield and post-harvest all stand out.

They have also reserved a prominent space for the iceberg lettuce variety Bonice (transplanting from the end of October and the beginning of November) and the leek Bowler, which is in its first year of important marketing, where its significant plant sturdiness, internal colour and ease for cleaning in the warehouse all should be emphasised. Other materials that they will promote are the new developments in celery and the cauliflower Alcalá (for early spring harvesting), the Head of Sales and Development, Enrique Cadiñanos advances.

Regarding concepts, they continue promoting Redi, purple sprouting broccoli, for which they won the Innovation Hub Award 2020 at Fruit Attraction.

Bejo Ibérica pays careful attention to consumption trends such as snacking, which they respond to with products such as their carrot snack varieties. Additionally, according to Enrique Cadiñanos, “the new generation of young people will shop in terms of requirements such as sustainability and CSR. They are consumers who are more and more educated and many of them are already demanding, for example, that eco production should be 100% eco, starting with the seed. Some supermarkets are also starting to see this as a value.” For this reason, a call is being made for greater coordination to be established from the different administrations to continue encouraging the use of eco seeds and putting to one side the derogations before the final deadline of 2035.

The leader in onions

Bejo is in the lead with developments and sales of onion seeds, and it continues working to maintain this leadership and to encourage growth in consumption. Accordingly, they are launching their new concept Redulce, a range of varieties ideal for eating in salads as they guarantee a mild flavour (low pungency, pyruvic acid…). The line is very easy to identify due to its colour (red skin), and it will also be reinforced through the brand and a QR code. In addition to eating it raw, Redulce onions are especially indicated for fast cooking, such as stir frying, as they maintain their consistency and bring colour to the dish.

At the fair, they will continue promoting conventional materials such as Pantano, long-lasting onions and other red and white onions.

In the shallot range, the seed company is emphasizing its gourmet variety, Conservor, which is highly adapted to the Spanish market. “It is now possible to grow shallots in Spain, obtaining a local, very high-quality production,” the Head of Sales and Development indicates. “French shallots have an important penetration on the market and we believe that, using seeds instead of bulblets, the production can be cheapened and the quality greatly increased.”

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