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Biosabor committed to “creating shared value”

They are applying their ecological philosophy to all the links in the chain and are advocating R&D to develop differentiated products

At Biosabor they are committed to “creating shared value”, that is to say, bringing value to all the links where they intervene in the growth and development of the company, in line with their ecological philosophy. Today’s consumers, more educated and informed, appreciate ecological, natural products, additive and preservative-free and sustainable companies such as Biosabor, with detailed, transparent labels.

The company from Almeria is the only tomato producer that makes its Gazpacho soups using D.O. produce. “At Biosabor, we have created a gazpacho for each moment. For an aperitif we have Andalusian Gazpacho; instead of salad at lunch, the Traditional Gazpacho; after exercising, Fresh Gluten-free Gazpacho; as a low calorie supper for those who like to look after themselves, Winter Gazpacho; and for those who must take care with their salt consumption, the Low Salt Gazpacho”, they explain. The number one in sales in Traditional Gazpacho, because its flavour is reminiscent of home-made gazpacho, with the added value that it is ecological. The second in sales is the Fresh Gluten-free Gazpacho. The Low Salt version, launched this year, is being very well received in supermarkets and particularly in hospitals and old people’s homes.

The main challenge Biosabor is facing deals with innovation and research in Health, analysing the beneficial effect its ecological products have on the organism. To do this, for the past two years its R&D+i department has been carrying out in vitro studies on gazpacho, with the new development that this year they have moved on to performing clinical trials on people.

Biosabor SAT is one of the producers of ecological tomatoes with the greatest flavour and nutritional properties, thanks to its exclusive varieties such as Tomate Cherry Angelle or the Tomate Cherry Piccolo. The company has also managed to position its Raf tomato in the Ribbed Tomato segment, with greater consistency and all the flavour of the Raf tomato.

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